A boil advisory has been issued by the city of St. Robert for businesses and residents due to an emergency water main break.
The boil advisory covers Highway Z from the intersection of Highway Z and Missouri Avenue, east to Ridgeview Drive, Cedar Court, Oak Court, Walnut Court, Ash Court, Sycamore Drive, Locust Court, Vickie Lynn Lane, Kale Court, Phoenix Avenue, Dogwood Circle, Meadow Lane, Woodland Lane, Shara Drive, April Drive, Charlotte Circle, Kathy Lane, Liberty Parkway, Marshall Drive from the intersection of Marshall Drive and Eastlawn Avenue north to Fina Avenue, Fina Avenue, Bruce Drive, and Eastlawn Avenue.
This is a boil ADVISORY only, and not a boil ORDER. An advisory is issued as a precautionary measure since the water pressure in the main will drop below 20 pounds per square inch during work and contaminants can possibly get in to the main. The likelihood of this happening is slim, but the city must issue an advisory due to DNR standards.
This boil advisory will remain in effect until DNR sample results are returned to the city office which will take 3-5 business days.
Customers in this area are advised to boil tap water for at least 3 minutes before consumption or use bottled water. Businesses regulated by the Department of Health and
Senior Services should follow applicable department regulations. Customers will be notified when testing is complete and they can resume using their normal water supply.
For more information regarding this advisory can call the Public Works Department at (573)
451-2000 Ext. 1144.