Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla held a special summer commencement event this past Saturday for former Missouri S-and-T students who graduated during 2020 or spring of this year, but where unable to participate in a ceremony because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Summer 2021 graduates also participated.
The commencement speaker was a 1979 civil engineering graduate of Missouri S-and-T, John Warmack of Texarkana, Arkansas, who is the principal at Warmack and Company LLC.
He told the graduates that commencement is not a celebration of the end of a college education, but a celebration of the beginning of life after college.
Warmack concluded by sharing the importance of treating others with kindness and respect.
“You will always have the option, when dealing with people, to choose the high road,” he said. “You can be kind, you can be friendly. You can persevere in doing the right thing. You can perform with punctuality, self-restraint and grit. If you had the grit to graduate from Missouri S&T, I believe you have the grit to take the high road. Please, prove me right.”