Special Pulaski County Collectors Hours As Tax Deadline Nears/Last Day To File For April Elections

December 31st is the last day to pay your real estate and personal property taxes before state-mandated penalties are added.
However, since December 31st is on Sunday and payments sent through the mail on Saturday and even on Friday may not be postmarked until after the deadline, the sure bet to meet the deadline is to mail them early or make your payment online, by phone, or at the collector’s office in the Pulaski County Courthouse in Waynesville.
To accomodate people who want to pay their taxes, Pulaski County Collector Terri Mitchell’s office is open 8AM to 5:30PM today, tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday, and closed on New Year’s Day.

By the way, today is the last day to file for city office or school board membership in the April 2nd elections. Register at your city hall or your school district’s superintendent’s office before 5 o’ clock this afternoon.