U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center of Excellence and Fort Leonard Wood senior leaders have updated guidance regarding local travel restrictions and the post’s health protection condition, also referred to as HPCON.

Effective immediately, General Order #3 dated June 3, 2020 signed by Maj. Gen. Donn Martin, is rescinded and replaced with General Order #1, dated July 8, 2020 and signed by Brig. Gen. James Bonner, MSCoE and Fort Leonard Wood commanding general.

Under the new General Order #1, the local travel area has been updated.

Temporary travel, pass and leave movements are now restricted for all military personnel to within 100 miles of Fort Leonard Wood. The local travel restriction does not apply to General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital referred hospitals.

Exceptions for travel up to 250 miles from Fort Leonard Wood for special circumstances require approval by the unit battalion commander. All travel over 250 miles requires approval from the first general officer or SES (senior executive service) in the chain of command.

According to General Order #1, off-post barbers, and nail and beauty salons are now approved for use by appointment only. Face coverings must be worn in these establishments. If proper social distancing cannot be maintained with other customers, appointments must be rescheduled to a time when social distancing can be maintained. Off-post spas, tanning salons, tattoo parlors and gyms remain off limits.

Social gatherings remain limited to groups of 10 and must abide by all social distancing guidelines. Face coverings must be worn when social distancing cannot be maintained.

General Order #1 applies to all service members assigned to, attached to or performing duties at the MSCoE and Fort Leonard Wood. This general order does not apply to family members or Department of Defense civilian employees unless traveling at government expense.

In addition to General Order #1, the health protection condition for the installation has been changed from HPCON Charlie to HPCON Bravo plus and applies to everyone who has access to Fort Leonard Wood.

This change to the HPCON means that the post has formal screening and testing capabilities to support the number of people accessing the installation and proper response protocols and trace teams to handle those who test positive for COVID-19.

The change also allows for the consideration of additional Garrison activities to open or to increase occupancy, such as MWR services. More details will be released over the next few weeks as officials continue to assess and evaluate services. Cabins at the Lake of the Ozarks Recreation Area remain closed. Taxi and ride sharing services are still not permitted to operate on the installation at this time.

Under HPCON B (+), only DoD ID card holders may access the installation. Gate guards will continue to ask questions at the gates regarding travel outside of the 100-mile local travel area and about being in quarantine or isolation.

Family days are still cancelled and graduations remain virtual.

According to officials, MSCoE and Fort Leonard Wood senior leaders will continue to assess the situation over the next two weeks and make adjustments if needed.

“Continued prevention and mitigation measures are required to reduce the transmission of COVID-19,” Bonner said. “We will continue to reassess the situation and take all necessary steps to ensure Fort Leonard Wood can continue to safely execute the mission of training America’s Soldiers.”

Those who access Fort Leonard wood are still expected to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, which are:

— Wash hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water or clean them with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

— Maintain at least six-feet of social distancing.

— Where and when social distancing is not feasible, wear a face covering.

— Seek medical advice at Harper In-processing Screening Clinic if flu-like symptoms are present.

— Anyone not feeling well should stay home and call for advice from a medical professional.

“It is critical that everyone accessing Fort Leonard Wood executes individual discipline to protect themselves, their families and the entire team of teams,” Bonner said. “As we continue to work to open up more activities, facilities, training and increase travel opportunities, these actions — if executed with consistency and discipline by all individuals — will absolutely ensure we keep the infection rates of COVID-19 low and stay on course to flatten the curve.”