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Smoke test of sewer systems begins Monday 8/10/20 in Lebanon

Lebanon crews will be smoke testing the sewer system in Lebanon in several neighborhoods beginning August 10th.  The general area of smoke testing is planned for the area’s north of Shepard Hills and Manors, East of South Jefferson, West of Elm, and South of Holly and Yates. Additionally, areas north of Hwy 32 East, West of Tower, East of Elm, and South of Millcreek will be affected also. Most of the smoke testing will be performed in residential/commercial structure areas. Lebanon Public Works Director Richard Shockley tells us the smoke used in the testing is non-toxic…

Smoke testing allows the city to locate breaks and defects in the system, which can allow stormwater into the wastewater system causing an overload. It also helps determine defects in the residence, which can cause sewer gas to leak into the building. Prior to testing, residents should make sure that traps for basement floor drain, sink traps and other plumbing fixtures are full of water by pouring about 24 ounces into each drain or place wet towels over the sink and floor drain. If smoke enters your home during the testing, open windows or doors and leave the building to allow smoke to dissipate, and notify field technicians or call Lebanon city hall.

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