Show Me Romey Foundation

There is a foundation that empowers autistic children and their families to help them know they are enough. The foundation is called the Show Me Romey Foundation. The nonprofit autism awareness foundation got started thanks to Casey Cox who was on Community Ties on KBNN talking about her foundation and what it does.

Cox says she was on a waitlist for over a year for a diagnosis with Romey. Since then she has had a big goal of constructing an autism center, and that way folks won’t have to drive hours away or wait for a diagnosis.

Cox says the center will be a place for families with autistic children to get resources, learn, play, and stay away from the tv for a little bit. She says one of the best things for an autistic child is to be outside.

The foundation will have a therapist but Cox says that will come with time.

For more information about autistic tips, or the foundation folks can visit Show Me Romey. Org