Should gyms be treated the same as hospitals during a pandemic? The proposed legislation would do just that. Missouri HouseBill 762 would require any health or safety orders to treat gyms the same as health care facilities, a decision the bill’s sponsor, Representative Jason Chipman, says will “help mitigate issues we are seeing with the pandemic.” Chipman says exercise leads to increased physical health, which in turn can combat the effects of illnesses like COVID-19. Chipman says gyms should be allowed to stay open as long as hospitals are allowed to stay open. In reference to public concern about the spread of COVID-19, Chipman said it should be up to the individual to chose not to go to the gym if they are worried about catching the virus. A representative from the Missouri State Medical Association testified during a hearing about the bill to voice concern over the idea of classifying gyms as health care facilities, which often have little staff and no licensed health care providers.