Months after Cassidy Rainwater was reported missing, murder and kidnapping charges were filed against the two men who are accused of killing her. The young mother reportedly went to the home of James Phelps and Timothy Norton on Moon Valley Road, in July, seeking a place to stay, and wasn’t heard from again. After Rainwater was reported missing, the FBI contacted the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, about photos they received showing the nearly naked Rainwater in a cage. During the course of the investigation, law enforcement found body parts wrapped and dated, in a freezer. But it was unclear who the body parts belonged to. Sheriff Scott Rice speaks on how the case has impacted the officers…

Now, DNA evidence has come back confirming that the victim is in fact, Cassidy Rainwater. After an interview with one of the suspects detailed how Cassidy Rainwater was killed, and the brutal way her body was treated after her death; both Phelps and Timothy Norton have been charged with first-degree murder. Sheriff Rice said the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate….


Norton and Phelps remain in custody.