Sexually-Transmitted Diseases Increasing In Laclede County

The Laclede County Health Department is wanting to make the public aware of a significant rise in the number of sexually-transmitted disease cases in the county. Over the last 7 months, over 120 cases of S-T-D’s have investigated by the department, and the true number of cases is higher when you include infected individuals who don’t seek treatment. The Laclede County Health Department does have a program in place to help keep people from contracting an S-T-D. Laclede County Health Department Nursing Director, Kim Smith, explains……….

Smith says many of the cases of S-T-D’s the department investigates are from people that have been treated in the past…….

Smith says the increase in the number of S-T-D cases goes beyond a local issue…….

Smith says that in Laclede County syphilis affects older adults, while chlamydia and gonorrhea affect younger adults. If left untreated, syphilis can be fatal. If you suspect that you might have an S-T-D, the Laclede County Health Department offers free testing during normal business hours.