Senate Bill seek to clarify birth control language

While the overturning of Roe v. Wade ended legal abortion access in Missouri, birth control has still been available across the state. However, on Wednesday, Democratic Senator Greg Razer of Kansas City introduced a bill that would explicitly clarify that contraceptives are legal to purchase within Missouri. Razer has said that he believes the trigger law’s vague language has kept healthcare providers from distributing birth control out of fear of prosecution.


The committee chairwoman, Mary Elizabeth Coleman of Arnold, said that the language is already abundantly clear and no change is needed. Her evidence is that contraceptives are currently being sold across Missouri.

Senate Bill 1095 excludes from the definition of “abortion” the use of birth control with an intention of preventing a pregnancy or reasons other than to intentionally terminate a pregnancy. This act also includes ectopic pregnancies in the definition of medical emergency.

Courtesy of the Missouri News Network