Seat Belt Use Greatly Increases Your Chance Of Surviving A Deadly Crash On The Highway

This Thanksgiving holiday, local law enforcement is teaming up with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Region 7 on a high-visibility Click It or Ticket seat belt awareness campaign. Over the entire Thanksgiving holiday weekend, today through through the early morning hours on Monday, November 27th, your law enforcement community will be working together to reduce the number of fatalities that occur when vehicle drivers and passengers fail to buckle up. If you’re unbuckled, you may be pulled over and issued a ticket.
During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in 2021, there were 361 passenger vehicle occupants killed in traffic crashes across the nation. Tragically, half (50%) were unrestrained. Not wearing a seat belt proved to be deadly at any time of the day during the holiday weekend: 52% of those killed in nighttime crashes were unbuckled, and 46% of those killed in daytime crashes also were unbuckled. These deaths represent needless tragedies for families across America and may have been prevented with the simple “click” of a seat belt.
The facts don’t lie: If you’re ejected from a vehicle during a crash, the odds are that you will not survive. In 2021, more than 4 out of 5 (83%) passenger vehicle occupants ejected from vehicles in crashes were killed. Wearing your seat belt is the most effective way to prevent ejection.