(Waynesville)–Today, Waynesville High School and Waynesville Career Center students return for in-person classes in seated classrooms. Their in-the-classroom appearance was delayed for about a week when 2 students tested positive for Covid-19 a couple of weeks ago. All WHS and WCC students received virtual learning sessions last Tuesday through Friday while younger students returned to the classroom last Monday. Waynesville School District parents had the option of enrolling their children for virtual learning classes this school year instead of in-person classes in seated classrooms. Only about 17 percent of parents elected the virtual option for their children. Students are required to wear face masks covering the nose and mouth before boarding a bus, arriving at school, and conducting nearly any activity within school buildings any time social distancing cannot be maintained. Parents are advised to send two masks to school with each student. The district will provide masks to students who do not have one. In most cases, once students are in their classrooms they will be able to remove their masks. However, there may be some classes where social distancing isn’t possible, and in those cases, an area will be designated for mask breaks. Students and teachers will be able to keep their masks on at all times if they so choose. The district is also asking parents to screen their students for COVID-19 symptoms at home before boarding buses. Students who have symptoms should be kept home and parents should contact their school.