Salute to the Season

December is here and that means Holiday events are starting. The LPC Alumni Foundation is partnering with Waynesville- St. Roberts Chamber of Commerce, and is asking for community volunteers to help out at the Salute to the Season Block Party. Gracie Hutchinson is with the Waynesville-St. Roberts Chamber of Commerce says the party is a salute to all the veterans who could not go back home for the holidays.

The chamber is also looking for the community to help provide financial support for the event, and Hutchinson says the donations will be handed to the veterans.

Although this event is after Christmas on December 28th at the Storie Book Moments it will still be a lot of fun and veterans will be spreading their holiday cheer.

For more information on the event or if you want to volunteer you can reach out to the Waynesville-st. Robert Chamber of Commerce.