Salute To The Season Happens Thursday P-M In Pulaski County

This holiday season, The LPC Alumni Foundation is partnering with the Waynesville-St. Robert Chamber to host “Salute to the Season,” a special event tomorrow, dedicated to honoring our service men and women, who have stayed in the local community during this festive time.
Here’s James Breckinridge, Junior, a retired Command Sergeant Major for Fort Leonard Wood.

Expected to attend will be 145 trainees from Fort Leonard Wood who are staying on the Army installation during Holiday Block Leave, as well as 22 volunteers, and 10 cadre members.
Trainees will get to play various games in the afternoon, enjoy a hearty meal at 4:30 in the afternoon, and be entertained with a three hour variety concert at around 5:30 in the evening.
The public can still give their support to this effort through their donations.

Drop off you donation to the Waynesville-St. Robert Chamber of Commerce office in St. Robert, or call 336-5121.
“Salute to the Season” is a testament to the spirit of community and appreciation for our military members.