(Jefferson City)–National Safe Boating Week begins next weekend, May 16th through 20th. The Missouri State Highway Patrol notes that National Safe Boating Week is purposefully scheduled just prior to Memorial Day weekend, which many people consider the kickoff to the boating season.
Boaters who would like an equipment inspection done by a marine trooper can contact their local troop and make that request.
Boaters should use caution while fueling up their vessel. Fuel leaks can develop over time. So, inspecting the engine compartment of an inboard or inboard/outboard vessel prior to use, and each time you refuel, is a must. In addition to inspecting the engine compartment, the blower system should be activated for at least four minutes after refueling prior to starting the vessel. Starting a boat engine can ignite gas fumes that have accumulated in the engine compartment, so don’t cut corners when it comes to these safety precautions.