Rolla Police Department Starting Camera Registry Program

In this day and age there is a video camera almost everywhere, and Detectives with the Rolla Police Department are going to be putting that to use. Detectives are starting a camera registry program. In investigations, video evidence is critical in solving crimes when time is critical. Sergeant Derrick Dillon, with the Rolla Police Department, says the camera registry will be a great investigative tool to use when attempting to solve a crime…………

Residents who have a camera they would like to register with the camera registry can contact Sergeant Derrick Dillon at the Rolla Police Department at 573-308-1213, or fill out the information online………….

The camera registry program is strictly voluntary, and camera owners have the right to provide access to the camera on their own terms. Camera owners can also give access to live online camera feeds in areas of high crime. Residents retain the right to deny access to the camera at any time.