Rivers and creeks in the Fort Leonard Wood area are rising

Rivers and creeks in the Fort Leonard Wood area are rising this morning due to the abundance of moisture that has fallen from steady rains overnight.
The Big Piney River near Jerome was rising rapidly near Edgar Springs, where the gauge read 4.93 feet at 5 o’clock this morning. The flood stage there is 11 feet. The Big Piney near the East Gate to Fort Leonard Wood was rising rapidly at 3.72 feet at 6 a. m. Right now, it is forecast to be cresting at 13.2 feet by 6 a. m. tomorrow. Flood stage there is 8 feet. Roubidoux Creek near Roby stood at 8.6 feet and rising at 5:30 this morning. Flood stage is 11 feet. Roubidoux Creek south of Waynesville was rising rapidly at 2.69 feet at 4:30. The flood stage is 7 feet. The water depth on the Gasconade River near Hazelgreen was rising from 10.74 feet at 6:15 this morning. It is forecast to crest Saturday morning at 6 o’clock at 18.6 feet, which is under the flood stage of 21 feet. The water gauge on the Gasconade River near Jerome read 6.6 feet at 5:45. The river there is projected to rise to 13 feet by Saturday evening, a few feet above the flood stage of 15 feet.