Rising gas prices

The price of gasoline has risen dramatically in recent weeks. Prices at the pump recently jumped about 30 cents per gallon overnight last week in the Fort Leonard Wood area. Triple A places the average regular gas price in the U.S. as of March 7th at $3.397 per gallon, about 8 cents higher than last week’s average, and the highest average national price since November. Today’s price signifies a 25-cent jump from last month’s average of $3.148 per gallon. Since the start of 2024, the national average has increased 31 cents. Oil prices have been rising lately, and that’s likely what’s driving up prices at the pump. Crude oil prices have crept up by about $10 per barrel over the past few months. Also, warmer weather typically means higher demand for gas, which can push prices up. The seasonal shift to rising prices starts around the time of spring break in March and April, according to AAA. Expect gas prices to slowly increase until they peak in July.