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Richard Wrinkle retires after 50 years of Law Enforcement in Lebanon and Laclede County

A large crowd gathered Monday night to honor retiring Captain Richard Wrinkle of the Laclede County Sheriffs Department after 50 years of service to Lebanon and Laclede County. However, Wrinkle is not totally stepping away from law enforcement; he will continue to serve in a reduced capacity with the Sheriff’s Department.  Richard Wrinkle served on the Lebanon Police Department, and his last position there was Detective before he was elected to 3 terms as Sheriff of Laclede County. When current Sheriff David Millsap took office, he hired Wrinkle to stay on and become his Chief Deputy.

Among the many plaques and awards presented to Captain Wrinkle on Monday night was a proclamation from the City of Lebanon read by Mayor Jared Carr declaring May 10th as Captain Richard Wrinkle Day.  He was presented a license Plate from Laclede County by Presiding Commissioner Randy Angst with Wrinkle’s badge number on it; Captain Keith Shumate presented a plaque from the Lebanon police department recognizing all the years of service to Lebanon, a plaque with all three of Wrinkle’s badges on it from the Laclede County Sheriff’s Department and a proclamation from the State of Missouri honoring Captain Wrinkle’s service was presented by Sheriff David Milsap. Sheriff Millsap shared a story about his relationship with Wrinkle and the sense of humor that Wrinkle was known for

Wrinkle took the opportunity to honor by name the many officers he had served with during his 50 years that no longer with us. He told the gathering that he wished they could have been there to be honored as well.

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