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Rental assistance available for those affected by COVID-19

When the pandemic struck and businesses temporarily closed many people found themselves with the means to pay rent and utilities. The Government placed a moratorium on evictions, which allowed those citizens to avoid homelessness, but it is also leaving them with back rent expenses. Many of those same residents now have an option available to receive up to 12 months of rent and utility payments. Donna Owens with Missouri Ozarks Community Action explains the basics of the program…

The program can cover back rent and 3 months of future rent, but no more than 12 months total. The State Assistance for Housing Relief program can also cover the cost of utilities, even if you have received energy assistance but it has run out. Once the application is submitted, landlords will receive an email notification with a request for a recommendation is sent by the tenant. The payments will be sent directly to the landlord and utility company. For additional information and help with the application call Missouri Ozarks Community Action (573) 765-3263.

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