Remains of Missing Camden County man located

A Camden County man who has been missing for 10 years has been located. Donnie Erwin was last seen in December 2013 from his home in Camdenton. The Camden County Sheriff’s Office, last week, responded to a pond where a drone pilot and freelance videographer and the property owner believed a car was in the pond. Divers were brought in, and Erwin’s car, which was submerged in the water was retrieved. Investigators searched the area and cadaver dogs were brought in the assist. According to the Camden County Sheriff’s Office the dogs alerted on an area near the center of the pond. On Sunday Divers with Mid County Fire Protection District went back in the water and located human remains including an artificial hip believed to belong to Donnie Erwin. The investigation will continue to confirm the identity, but reports state that they are confident that it is Donnie Erwin.