Remainder Of Remains Of Man Missing Over A Decade Recovered

Detectives from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office, along with firefighters from the Mid-County Fire Protection District returned to the Southern Camden County pond where Donnie Erwin’s vehicle and partial remains were recovered in December. Due to the recent snow, ice, and wet weather, the ground had been saturated and too soft to move in the heavy equipment needed to drain the pond. Mid-County Fire Protection District agreed that the ground was dry enough to go on Friday. Using pumps on loan from the Missouri Department of Conservation and a pumper truck from the Mid-County Fire Protection District, investigators drained the pond and recovered what we believe to be the rest of Mr. Erwin’s remains. Mr. Erwin’s family was notified of the discovery. Donald Erwin was a 59-year-old disabled veteran who disappeared in 2013 after leaving his home in Camden County.