Reauthorization of fee and funding for Hazardous Materials Response is due by August 2024

Every 6 years the Missouri Legislature votes on renewing a statute which forms local emergency planning committees and districts, and the Missouri Emergency Response Commission. 2024 is the year that to reauthorize the statute, which MERC Director Stephen McLane says is necessary ……

Funding from Tier 2 fees helps ensure the safety of emergency responders and Missouri residents. A portion of the fees go to the Division of Fire Safety for training firefighters in hazardous materials response, 25 percent goes to provide administration of the fund, and 65 percent goes to communities for planning and preparedness for hazardous materials release….

If the state legislature fails to reauthorize the statute then the Missouri Emergency Response Commission becomes unfunded while still having the comply with federal regulations, and there won’t be funding for training for response to hazardous materials releases.