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Random anti terrorism measures (RAM) taking place on Fort Wood

Drivers on Fort Leonard Wood may have noticed or participated in one of several temporary police checkpoints set up at various times at different locations last week around the installation.
The checkpoints were part of what the Directorate of Emergency Services calls random antiterrorism measures, or RAMs, aimed at protecting the public by ensuring regulations are being followed and drivers on the installation are as safe as possible. The times and locations of the RAM’s were chosen to be distinctly different than the last time checkpoints were set up for this purpose. Captain Christian Marsh, DES station commander and one of the lead organizers of the measures, says DES was asked by senior leaders here to also check every motorcyclist to see whether or not all required paperwork and training has been completed. Drivers who are pulled in for an inspection at one of the locations are informed of the compliance checkpoint and then are asked to provide their driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. According to Captain Marsh, drivers are also asked to provide some sort of military affiliation documentation to determine whether or not they are on the installation legally. Marsh says Fort Leonard Wood drivers should notice more random antiterrorism measures in the near future.


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