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Pulaski Remains a County With An Extreme Risk of Spreading the Coronavirus

Pulaski County remains a Category One County of Extreme Risk for Covid-19 transmission after the release of the newest weekly count of new infections.
As of this Monday, there were 533 new positive Covid cases over the course of the past week. There have been two new Covid-related deaths. The PCR 7-day positivity rate is down slightly at 28 percent.
The County Health Center reminds the public that the Category One recommended action plan includes business occupancy limits reflective of social distancing, and social group size of ten or less. Masks are strongly advised in all offices and businesses where social distancing is not possible.
Area hospitals are either close to or at capacity at this time caring for COVID and other patients. The priority of the nursing staff is and should be to care for those patients. Because they are overrun, the Health Center will hold off on requesting weekly numbers of hospitalized patients for our county until things calm down for them a bit. Although the Health Center can’t get an accurate count this week, hospitalization rates are high and rising.

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