The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department reported a sucessful water rescue took place this morning in the area of Spring Road, near the Gasconade Hills Resort. When deputies were dispatched shortly after nine o’ clock this morning, initial reports stated a subject was sitting in the bed of a pickup truck, which was currently in flood waters. Another subject had made it out of the water to the bank.

Upon arrival of the first deputy, it was confirmed one subject had made it out of the water, and against the advice of law enforcement, the second individual waded through the water to the opposite bank from the deputies, where he remained.

Waynesville Rural Fire Department, Tri-County Fire Department, and Laclede County Sheriff’s Department assisted with this water rescue.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department would like to remind citizens of the ongoing water levels.

At this time, it is reported the following levels are expected:

Spring Road will hold steady, not expected to rise further, Big Piney at Edgar Springs has peaked, and the Big Piney will slowly rise and is expected to peak around mid day Tuesday.
There will be a small rise in the Gasconade River in the northern part of Pulaski. The river expected to peak around midnight tonight.

The Sheriff’s Department warns motorists to be cautious of low water crossings and be prepared to take another route. Please do not attempt to cross any road that is covered in water.