Three School Board members were elected Tuesday in every school district in Pulaski County.
In Crocker, the three winners were Robert Goodrich, Andy Lowe, and Brian Scott Foster. In unofficial returns, Goodrich receive 140 votes, Lowe 118, and Foster 111. Incumbent school board member Eddie Bowling failed to make the cut with 108 votes. Jennifer Burney garnered 85 votes and Tammy Dawn Davis got 47.
In Dixon, the three school board winners were Jason Shelton, Matthew Mc Cray and Brandon Overshon. With some votes in Maries and Phelps County not included, Shelton had 291 votes, Mc Cray, 272, and Overshon 254. Buck Guisinger netted 113 votes and Daniel Draper had 91.
In Swedeborg, the two candidates who filed for school board were the top vote getters–Wayne Mitschele with 61 votes and Susan Cargill with 47. There were several people receiving write-in votes, with Angela Ogle being the presumptive winner of the third seat on the Swedeborg Board of Education.
The three winners for the Waynesville Board of Education were Rick Harne (Harn) with 486 votes, Dan Deering with 450, and Leroy Fulmer with 357 votes. Board of Education incumbent Mike Keeling came in a close fourth with 338 votes, Andy Anderson received 330, Jocelyn Gutowski got 319, and Charles V. Slider, Junior, netted 199 votes.
The 3 school board winners in Laquey were Ron Bowling with 213 votes, Jimmy Helmuth with 195, and Michael Rogers with 144 votes. Nathan Wallander came in fourth with 129 votes and Henry West, fifth, with 118 votes.
In Richland, there was no school board election because only three candidates filed–Carol Schmidt, Kasie Lercher, and Jordan Walters–who were declared the winners as a result of no competition.