(Crocker)–The Pulaski County Health Center is advising people who were at the following locations on these dates that they may be at low risk for contracting COVID-19, but should monitor for symptoms.
The locations are: On Monday March 9, Richland Town and Country Supermarket in the Morning.
On Tuesday, March 10, after 10 am The Swedeborg School PolLing area. This person voted on this date.
On Thursday March 12, Crocker Town and Country Supermarket in the morning.
On Friday, March 13, the Lebanon Hospital Radiology Department. After 2:00pm, on Monday March 16, Laquey School district Meetings and Discussions.
On Tuesday, March 17, the General Leonard Wood Community Army Hospital. Emergency Room After 6PM.
This case is a household member of the first case we reported on March 19 and therefore some locations are repetitive of our first post.
Symptoms include: Fever of 100.4 or higher, cough, and shortness of breath, abdominal pain. Potential contacts may call our office to be screened to determine if monitoring and quarantine are required.
There is no need to self-quarantine or isolate unless symptoms develop. If you have spoken to a member of the Pulaski County Health Center, you were already informed of your risk to this patient.
Our office number is 573-736-2217, or after hours please email us at [email protected]