The Pulaski County Health Center has been notified of 2 additional cases of COVID-19 in Pulaski County. The two cases are a Wife who tested positive and the husband is a suspected positive case. Director of Nursing with the Pulaski County Health Center, Wanda Laramore talks about the new cases.



The Pulaski County Health Center is working with other public health professionals and providers to conduct contact tracing and will notify any individual that has been in direct contact with either of the individuals. Wanda talks about how Pulaski County has been proactive in making sure the virus doesnt spread, and the community stays safe.



As most Stay at Home orders are lifted on monday, Pulaski County Health officials encourage residents to remain home as much as possible and only venture out when needed.



The Pulaski County Health Center will make a public announcement of any local businesses either individual may have visited while infected.