Pulaski County has selected Emergency Notification Provider, Hyper-Reach

Many counties across the state are in the process of upgrading their emergency notification systems. Pulaski County has selected Emergency Notification Provider, Hyper-Reach, to help protect lives and property in emergencies. Hyper-Reach is a state-of-the-art mass emergency notification system designed specifically for public safety.
This new emergency alert system will provide rapid notification of hazardous and urgent situations using a mix of telephone calls, text, and e-mail messages. Hyper-Reach can send thousands of messages to targeted households in seconds, and can simultaneously deliver them to an even broader audience by way of social media, as well as sending broadcast messages to most current mobile telephones in an affected area by providing access to FEMA’s Wireless Emergency Alert system.
The county plans to use the service primarily for alerts about weather and environmental hazards, criminal activity, and missing persons.
Residents and people who work in Pulaski County are encouraged to enroll now, either by calling or texting “Alert” to 573-433-8083 or by going to hyper-reach.com/mopulaskisignup.html,. Residents can get emergency alerts via their Alexa-enabled smart speakers just by saying, “Alexa, enable Hyper-Reach”, and following the Alexa-provided instructions.