Pulaski County Final Filings For The August Primary

Tuesday was the final day to file for county, state, and federal office for the primary election in August.
There are now 5 Republicans seeking to be Pulaski County Sheriff–Bryan Gibbs, Stacy Ball, Rex Larson, Nick Pappas, and Jim D. Reid. Reid filed his candidacy on Tuesday. The winner of this race in the August primary will essentially become the new Pulaski County Sheriff next January since there was no Democrat to file for this office.
Eastern District Commissioner Charles Bassett picked up an opponent in Kevin Davis.
Western District Commissioner Andy C. Helms will be opposed by Wayne Hill.
Daniel Whittle will be unopposed for re-election as County Assessor.
Rebecca (Becky) Allen will be unopposed for Public Administrator.
Roger D. Graves the Second will be unopposed for Coroner.
There was no person to file for Pulaski County Surveyor.
All people who filed for Pulaski County offices were Republicans. There was no Democrat to file.


On the Republican side, Daniel Whittle filed for Committeeman and Melissa Whittle filed for Committeewoman from Tavern township…David M. Lowe filed for Committeeman and Deborah Decker filed for Committeewoman from Union township…Tim Berrier filed for Committeeman and Nikkole Neville filed for Committeewoman from Cullen township…David Dicke filed for Committeeman and TerryMitchell filed for Committeewoman from Liberty Township.
No Republican filed in Piney nor Roubidoux township.

On the Democrat side, Kyle W. Bomar filed for Committeeman and Florence Warren Buchanan for Committeewoman from Tavern township…Mark C. Prugh filed for Committeeman and Yvonne Reeves Chong filed for Committeewoman from Cullen township. No other Democrat filed for the other Committee posts.