Pulaski County Commission Adopts Property Tax Relief For Eligible Seniors Age 62 and Over

The Pulaski County Commission formally adopted property tax relief for seniors allowed by the passage of Senate Bill 190 on Thursday. the implementation of the bill will likely happen next January.
Senate Bill 190 modified provisions relating to property tax relief. It was passed by the Missouri Legislature in the 2023 sesion, and signed by Governor Mike Parson on July 6th of last year.
The bill’s intent is to help senior citizens save money on their property taxes by freezing the tax rate permanently. However, due to the very broad language in the bill and the absence of clarity or direction, the Commission is working with other county officials to develop answers where the law is silent or vague.
Additionally, counties will need to obtain eligibility information in order to freee the tax. The law is unclear as to what date the freeze should be effective once eligibility is even determined.
Applications will be developed and made available next February.