Prosecutors Charge Pulaski County Man For Terrorist Threats

Pulaski County prosecutors have charged a man from St. Robert with making terrorist threats against county commissioners. The threats were reported by a corporal in the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, who attended a meeting in Waynesville where the suspect, Xavier Souser, was also present. The corporal said Souser seemed upset and talked about the commission lying to citizens. Later, Souser described how he could create an explosive device using chemicals and nails. During the meeting, Souser read an email listing his grievances with the commission and was seen yelling outside the courthouse. At a subsequent meeting, Souser was asked to leave after making a statement about potholes and saying, “It’s time for war.”  Souser was arrested the following day after being spotted in St. Robert, yelling at traffic. Pulaski County prosecutors have charged him with making a Second Degree Terrorist Threat.