The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission has approved a contract to apply a preventative maintenance surface sealing treatment to Routes 17 and 52 in Miller County.
Blevins Asphalt Construction was awarded the contract to seal coat Route 17 between Route 42 and Route 52, and Route 52 between U.S. Route 54 and Route 17. Blevins submitted the low bid for the project at $634,721. Seal coats are a pavement repair process that is used by MoDOT on roads with lower traffic volumes to maximize available resources and extend the life of a roadway. Hot emulsion oil is sprayed onto the surface of the road, followed by finely ground rocks which are then compacted to adhere to the roadway. Excess material is swept off the surface, leaving an improved roadway that will hold up longer against the elements. The method costs about one-third the amount of a traditional asphalt overlay. Along with a smoother driving surface for travelers, the treatment keeps water from penetrating the surface, extends the life of the roadway up to seven years, and provides improved traction. The work will take place in 2022. When a start date is established for the project, MoDOT will alert the public through signs, news releases, and social media.