Accused killer James Phelps of Windyville was in court today(fri) in Dallas County. Phelps is one of two men accused of strangling and dismembering Cassidy Rainwater who was reported missing in August. Rainwater reportedly went to stay at the home of Phelps and Timothy Norton near Windyville, where the men allegedly kept her caged. Authorities say they planned to kill her, put a bag over her head killing her and then dismembered her, keeping body parts in a freezer. When authorities searched the men’s home they found photographs of Ms Rainwater in a cage, and later bound on a gantry. In a hearing today, Phelps preliminary hearing was set for February 4th 2022. Norton allegedly who confessed to the murder during questioning, has a preliminary hearing has been set for February 2nd. Both men are charged with kidnapping, murder and abandonment of a corpse.