Weather Alert

Power outages in Camden, Dallas, Hickory, Laclede and Polk County due to thunderstorms and gusty winds on Sunday

For the second time in 6 months, a storm moved through Lebanon and Laclede County without any warning from weather service officials. Laclede County Emergency Management Director, Randy Rowe said the storm that moved through the county Sunday afternoon caused widespread power outages throughout Lebanon and the county. Laclede Electric Cooperative reported at its peak that over one thousand of its customers were without power in Laclede County. City Electric crews were kept busy last night as well with what was described as a “Large Power Outage”. Damage from the storm resulted in numerous tree limbs down on the south side of town, a hanger at the Floyd Jones airport was damaged from the wind as well as at least 4 other structures in the county. Laclede Electric Cooperative now reporting that all power has been restored in Laclede County, however, there are still reports of power outages from the Intercounty Electric Cooperative Association in Texas County, authorities there say 249 customers there remain without power this morning. Sunday’s storm followed roughly the same path of the storm that struck Lebanon on the 4th of May causing severe damage to many trees and buildings on the south side of the city.

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