Power Outages From This Morning’s Storm Reach a Peak Around 2:15

Severe storms–a few with imbedded tornadoes–raked Missouri overnight. Storms reports are still coming in. At the peak of the storms, more than 18,000 power outages were reported across the state. One of the leading counties with power outages was Pulaski County, which had more than 4-thousnd power outages at the peak of the storms around 2:25 this morning. High winds were reported, some as high as 70 miles an hour.
Max Burton who lives in the W-Highway Turkey Ridge area says he believes a tornado went over his area, dropping torrential rain and baseball size hail around 2:15 this morning. This was just before the time the weather service was talking about a possible tornado in northeastern Waynesville and a short time later in the Dixon area. The storms were moving at about 55 miles per hour to the northeast.
Electric power has been restored to many customers. As of 4:45 this morning, according to the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives, the number of customers without electricity had been reduect to 1,017 in Pulaski County. Lebanon had 116 customers without electricity, 77 in Texas County, about 150 in Camden County. and 250 in Phelps County.