Pets and fireworks

Millions of people will be having a great time this July 4th as they celebrate the country’s Independence Day. The day will be spent with many people engaging in backyard barbecues, parties, pools, and fireworks. Meanwhile, the festivities will not be such a blast for pets. More pets go missing over this holiday weekend than any other time of the year, because they run out of fear. Most pets find the celebration distressing, and it can lead to dangerous situations.

The noises, smells, and sights of July 4th fireworks and celebrations can be tormenting for pets. Some things can be done to help minimize the impact and keep them more comfortable throughout the festivities, whether during the day or in the evening when the sky lights up with fireworks. A couple of things you can do is to confine them to an interior room, consider leaving a radio or tv on to mask the sounds of fireworks. If you have an outdoor pet make sure they are on a leash or in a kennel so they don’t run away and get injured, and make sure they have food and water in the shade.