There was considerable damage done by the overnight storm late Monday evening through early Tuesday morning. As you inspect your homes, please keep in mind that permits are required for repairs to roofs and other structures that may have been damaged during the storms. The City of Waynesville has sent out a posting on its Facebook page that, due to the cause of damage, the City will waive the fee for any permits needed to complete these repairs. Please reach out to the Building Department at 573-774-6171 Ext. 1201 for more information. The City of St. Robert has sent out a posting on its Facebook page that it is accepting residential permit applications for roof repairs with no permit fee due to the recent heavy storms in the area. All permits must be submitted to the City within 72 hours of April 2nd and contractors must have a current City Contractor’s License with up-to-date general liability insurance and Workman’s Comp, or Affidavit of Exemption. Call the St. Robert Building Department at 573-337-3824 for further information.