Period of dangerous and prolonged cold through the middle of next week. Temperatures are unlikely to get above freezing in most areas. Wind chills frequently well below zero.•4 to 6 inches of snowfall is expected at this time. Watch forecast for adjustments.•Accumulating Snow likely Sunday into Monday during this cold wave could make it highly impactful with the dangerous cold-snow combination. •Additional storm system possible Wednesday may provide for more snow, confidence is slowly growing. Dangerous Cold Ahead with Snow Likely

Hazards: Wind chill values dropping to as low as -20F. Snow total Sunday and Monday 4-6 inches. Areas Impacted: Entire area. Timing & Duration: The coldest days will be tonight through Tuesday morning. Snow timing: Snow will spread into southeast Kansas and far southwest Missouri late tonight, then gradually spread east through the day. Snow will continue at times Sunday night and Monday. Impacts: Outdoor exposure may be dangerous without proper precautions. Frostbite and hypothermia will be possible to those outside for an extended period of time. Those who travel and possibly slide off the road will be exposed to very cold temperatures. Have a plan ready if you travel. Certainty & Considerations: Confidence is high that excessive cold will occur. Moderate to high confidence in the occurrence of snow. Historical Perspective: Windchill values as low as -20F to -25F are quite rare for this region and have not been experienced here in several years. Snow events with temperatures this cold are also rare in this area.