Participants requested for CHEMPACK Exercise in Region I

Emergency Response Agencies from across Region I are encouraged to participate in a ChemPack Exercise that will take place on June 12th. The full scale exercise hosted by the Laclede County LEPC, which is a Emergency Planning Committee that helps bring training to emergency responders in the event of a hazardous materials release in Laclede County.
Chairman David Sewell said they are seeking agencies who would like to participate in the ChemPack exercise….

CHEMPACKs are containers of nerve agent antidotes placed in secure locations in local jurisdictions around the U.S. for rapid response to a chemical incident. These medications treat the symptoms of nerve agent exposure and can be used even when the actual agent is unknown….

Agencies in Region I who would like to participate in the CHEMPACK Exercise should contact David Sewell at [email protected] or call 417-718-0297 as soon as possible.