An Osage Beach resident is accused of filming boys while in the bathroom of his home. According to court documents, Police received a complaint after one of the victims claimed that they were in the home of 30-year-old Nicholas Alan Kincade and discovered a camera hidden inside a phone charger block, in the bathroom. The victim said that Kincade had told him and his friends to use that specific bathroom, and one of the boys had used the shower in the same bathroom. He said after discovering the hidden camera, he removed it and put it in his pocket. The victim also claims that he had to stay there because his mother wasn’t available to pick him up and went back into the common area to finish watching a movie, and Kincade began touching him inappropriately. The victim went to the police and turned over the disguised camera, which contained a memory card. After obtaining a search warrant investigators found thousands of files on the memory card including video of the boys using the bathroom and taking a shower. Kincade is charged with child molestation and invasion of privacy and was jailed without bond. During a hearing this week, Kincade pleaded not guilty.