As it was on Wednesday, operations are suspended today on Fort Leonard Wood for all non-mission essential personnel. A minimum number of essential personnel will report to work for continuity of operations. Administrative and Safety leave and maximum teleworking if eligible and capable continues to be in effect today. All personnel should check with their immediate supervisor for more details. All MWR facilities to include fitness centers, Child Development Centers, and School-Age Services are closed today. Please check the MWR web pages and Fort Leonard Wood MWR for details. All chapels will be closed as well. Appointments at the General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital currently scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 3, will be rescheduled. Call the hospital line at 866.299.4234 for additional recorded information. The emergency room remains open. The Commissary will be closed today. They are scheduled to reopen at 9 a.m. Friday. For further details, please call 573.596.0783. The Main Exchange and Mini-Mall will be closed, and the North and South shoppettes will have limited operating hours of noon to 4 p.m.