Operation Care begins Friday at 6 pm

There will be a big jump in traffic volume today as motorists take to the road in pursuit of their Labor Day weekend dreams. The peak time for high traffic volumes will be this afternoon and evening and Monday afternoon and evening, but there will be increased traffic volumes at other times this holiday weekend. Sergeant Mike Mitchell, the information and education officer for Troop I of the patrol in Rolla, says to be attentive to ever-changing conditions on the roads, and don’t run red lights.

In the past week, there have been several serious injuries caused by motorists running a red light. He says make sure you don’t travel across the center line as well. Such an incident this week resulted in the deaths of three Phelps County motorists on Highway 63 south of Rolla.
He says there will be ATV’s to watch out for, motorcycles, travel trailers, trucks pulling boats, even farm equipment driving on the highways. Be prepared for anything and be courteous to other drivers on the roadway.
Be prepared. Be courteous. Be Attentive this Labor Day holiday weekend.