Tomorrow is the opening day of the catch-and-keep trout fishing season at the state’s four trout parks–Bennett Spring State Park near Lebanon, Montauk State Park near Licking, Roaring River State Park near Cassville, and Maramec Spring State Park near St. James. The catch-and-keep season at the trout parks runs through October 31st. Trout anglers need a daily trout tag to fish in Missouri’s trout parks. Daily trout tags can only be purchased at the state trout parks. Missouri residents, age 16 through 64 and nonresidents 16 and older, also need a fishing permit in addition to the daily trout tag. The cost of a daily trout tag to fish at three of Missouri’s four trout parks–Bennett Spring, Montauk, and Roaring River–is $4 for adults and $3 for those 15 years of age and younger. A daily fishing permit is $8. The daily limit is four trout. At Maramec Spring Park, the daily limit is five trout and the cost of a daily trout tag for adults is $5 and $3 for anglers, 15 years of age and younger.