Open Enrollment Bills Working Their Way Through Missouri Legislature

A bill is making its way through the Missouri legislature that could have a huge financial impact on districts across the state. For the last few years a certain group of legislators have been attempting to get a bill through the House and Senate that would allow for open enrollment for students. That would mean that even though a student lives within the boundaries of a school district, and their parents pay taxes to that district, that student could enroll in any district they choose. Lebanon R-3 Superintendent, Dr. David Schmitz, says one of the challenges the bill would present if it passes is planning for staffing needs……………..

Dr. Schmitz says the bill, if passed, would also create financial hardships, especially for smaller districts across the state………..

The Missouri legislative session will end on May 3rd. The bill, and other bills dealing with open enrollment, still face a long road through the Missouri legislature before being signed into law.