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One charged in Lake Ozark Shooting

One person has been charged in connection with a deadly shooting on the Bagnell Dam Strip on Thursday. 50 year old Tonka Way-Con Ponder of Preston, has been charged with first degree assault and armed criminal action. The shooting happened outside of several businesses on the Bagnell Dam Strip around 8 p.m. Thursday, leaving one person dead and 4 others injured. According to court documents, police obtained surveillance video that showed physical altercation between members of opposing motorcycle clubs Thursday night.
That fight led to one person pointing a gun at Ponder, who at the time was engaged in a physical altercation with another person. Investigators say Ponder then drew his own weapon and shot one person, who died at the scene. Multiple shots were fired by the people involved, wounding Ponder and 4 others. Ponder’s bond was set at $100-thousand-dollars. The Highway Patrol is continuing to investigate.

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