Old Iron Works Festival

An annual festival is coming up in a month. The Old Iron Works was first established in 1826, and developer Thomas James found a great place for the iron workers west of the Mississippi which operated for 50 years before going out of business. To keep that legacy going they hold an annual festival every year. This year’s festival is going to be happening on October 14th. The festival has sactivities for the whole family. There will be games, food, music, and crafts. The festival takes place at the beautiful Meramec Spring Park. The James Foundation is going to be hosting the festival this year, and they are the entity that runs Meramec Spring Park. Wesley Swee with the James Foundation says that all the merchants at the festival handcraft their items.

The festival has been an annual event for a long time.

Swee says there is a cost to get into the festival.

For more information on the festival, you can call the James Foundation at (573)- 265-7124