The University of Missouri Extension Office in Laclede County is hosting a workshop on how best to resolve conflict with wildlife when they appear around the home. Nuisance wildlife problems are a year-round issue, but they become especially prevalent in spring and early summer. Animals may appear in attics, crawl spaces, gardens, and other sites around the home. On March 21st, MDC Conservation Educator Lyle Whittaker and the Extension Service’s Jonetta Shaver will discuss a list of topics regarding these conflicts, including methods and strategies for reducing the amount of conflict, habitat management, trapping options, repellants, and more. The workshop will be held at the Laclede County Extension Office at 186-D North Adams Avenue in Lebanon. It starts at 6 PM and is expected to last until 7:30. Participants must register for the workshop, and children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. For more information, contact Whittaker at [email protected] or at 417-895-6881, ext. 1644. You can also contact Shaver at [email protected] or at 417-532-7125.