(Fort Leonard Wood)–Nothing startling new came out of Wednesday’s Virtual Update from Fort Leonard Wood.
Commanding General Donna Martin focused her remarks on praising the sacrifices and adjustments being made across the installation to conduct daily operations while also mitigating the spreading of the coronavirus.
Major General Martin also confirmed that the Defense Department and Army have directed that coronavirus case information will only be reported for aggregation and release at the service level. Martin said that individuals who test positive will remain in isolation and receive appropriate medical care. However, as of right now, the confirmed cases are still being reported to the Pulaski County Health Department.
The Fort Wood Hospital Commander, Colonel Kimberlie Biever, says to help alleviate the close proximity of people at the pharmacy, drive-up service will be available next week at the Post Exchange Pharmacy.

Colonel Biever also said anyone arriving at home after a work day should change clothes, take a shower, and wash their hands before greeting families. In addition, packages should be wiped down before being brought into the home.